The last orchids and the pretty Asolo

To find a place where to spend half a day together with a no-naturalist girlfriend can be sometimes tricky. To visit the Colli Asolani, in the Treviso province, can be a good option, offering a very special wildlife side by side with very interesting touristical attractions like the palladian “Villa di Maser” or the gorgeous town of Asolo.

I visited the meadows of Crespignaga in order to locate the last blooming orchids of the year, the very tiny Autumn Lady’s-tresses (Spiranthes spiralis). The recent rains were necessary for them to appear, so I’ve found them later in the season than usual: I’ve observed 5 different plants, many of them still incredibly short and hard to be seen!

Around I find still quite a few butterflies, including Great Banded Grayling (Brintesia circe) and Geranium Bronze (Cacyreus marshalli), plus a late juvenile of Honey Buzzard (Pernis apivorus) mobbed by a pair of Sparrowhaks (Accipiter nisus) and few other flowers.

After the nature stop, I satisfied my girlfriend carrying her to the fantastic little town of Asolo, locality chosen by Caterina Cornaro as retirement location, with its temperate climate and lovely view to the hills and the wineyards. Her castle is still there and a number of beautiful villas and palaces has been built in the area, making Asolo a well known holiday destination for the rich aristocracy of Venice in the centuries. Now it’s one of the best “Borghi d’Italia”, with museums, restaurants, churches and rich residences, with an unchanged ambience of golden end of glorious Venice Repubblic.

Luca Boscain

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