Duga Luka

The second year of my Adriatic nature blog

This 2018 finished with a great result for my blog: it surpassed the 2017 both in views and visitors! 5,458 people decided to have a look to my posts visiting in total 12,450 pages.

My main aim, with the blog, was to be as much possible international in sharing my photos and contents, that’s why I’ve chosen to write in English, even if it is not my mother language. English allows to be understandable for most of the people (apparently about one billion of people can speak it) and that resulted in a great number of contacts from all the World.

Views from the World during the 2018: I got contacts from all the highlighted countries
Views from the World during the 2018: I got contacts from all the highlighted countries

Clearly first nation in views was Italy, despite the use of English, with 8,121 pages visited, followed by US and UK, both sharing English as main used language and a result of about 1,000 views. I got good numbers of visitors from other European countries as well, going from Germany to Netherlands and France, all with more than 100 views each. Surprisingly I had a lot of contacts from Croatia and Myanmar, small countries where English is less commonly known, but that depended on some popular posts about those countries: Autumn in Istria (Croatia), A weekend of snorkeling in the Istria peninsula (Croatia), Lastovo and its gorgeous lizards and In the land of tattoo-faced ladies (Myanmar).

Dor Beetle (Trypocopris vernalis)
Dor Beetle (Trypocopris vernalis)

The most popular post were, respectively:

  1. Where to go birding around Venice: 513 views
  2. A coffer of rarities: Sacca degli Scardovari: 335 views
  3. Birdwatching among the towers of Svaneti and the fantastic sceneries of Caucasus (Georgia): 297 views
  4. Caucasian birding in Kazbegi (Georgia): 296 views
  5. Gargano: the European hot-spot for orchids: 277 views
  6. Yellow-billed Diver and other rare birds along the Gulf of Trieste: 277 views
  7. A couple of hours in the wonderful Po delta: 256 views
  8. Hard mountain life and wild nature in Ushguli (Georgia): 256 views
  9. Looking for Eagle Owl in Veneto region: 241 views
  10. Three days looking for orchids, birds, butterflies and moths in the Gargano
Carpet of flowers nearby Monte Sant'Angelo
Carpet of flowers nearby Monte Sant’Angelo

Thanks a lot to grant so much interest to my work, I hope to have the strength and the luck to keep writing, photographing and posting my experiences in the field along the Adriatic basin and in the World!

Have a fantastic 2019!!!

White-fronted Geese (Anser albifrons)
White-fronted Geese (Anser albifrons)

Luca Boscain

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