Autumn in Istria (Croatia)

During the first half of October I visited the peninsula of Istria, in Croatia, leading a Naturetrek group together with the knowledgeable Paul Tout. It was a rather special time to be there, having still the enthomological tail of summer, but also signs of migrations and beginning of winter concerning the birds. Continue reading “Autumn in Istria (Croatia)”


Hard mountain life and wild nature in Ushguli (Georgia)

The village of Ushguli (უშგული in Georgian), in the high Caucasus, is considered  the highest continuously inhabited settlement in Europe, lieing at about 2,100 m of altitude on the foothill of Shkhara (5,201 m), the highest mountain of Georgia. Like other communities of the Svaneti, here as well the most representative arctitectures are the medieval towers that gained to the region the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Continue reading “Hard mountain life and wild nature in Ushguli (Georgia)”

Birdwatching among the towers of Svaneti and the fantastic sceneries of Caucasus (Georgia)

The Georgian historical province of Svaneti, in the heart of Caucasus range, is worldwide known because of its amazing medieval towers, now protected as UNESCO heritages, but hosts also wonderful grounds for birding, with good populations of the most sought-after Caucasian species of birds. Continue reading “Birdwatching among the towers of Svaneti and the fantastic sceneries of Caucasus (Georgia)”

The Pallid Swifts breeding in Venice centre

Pallid Swift (Apus pallidus) is a rare and localized species in the region of Veneto, with just a couple of colonies in some ancient city centres. Venice is one of them, with a population of maybe a ten of pairs, not far from San Marco square. Continue reading “The Pallid Swifts breeding in Venice centre”

A weekend of snorkeling in the Istria peninsula (Croatia)

Istria peninsula, in north-western Croatia, is very interesting destination for who want to escape the crowd of Italian north Adriatic beaches and find a wondeful torquoise and clear sea in which snorkel or dive, without drive too far from the border. Continue reading “A weekend of snorkeling in the Istria peninsula (Croatia)”

Blooms of orchids on Elba island

Elba is the largest island in the Arcipelago Toscano and lies just 10 km far from the coast of Tuscany. The vicinity with the continent, together with size, influenced its biodiversity making the island the most complex ecosystem of all the arcipelago. Orchids are present with more than 40 species, but they are also particularly threated. Continue reading “Blooms of orchids on Elba island”

Redpolls and Great Northern Diver in the Lido di Venezia

The island of Lido di Venezia is usually known because it hosts the “Venice Film Festival“, but can be also a very good place for birdwatching, expecially in winter. It’s is an alogated dike that, together with the island of Pellestrina, separates the Venice lagoon from the Adriatic sea.  Continue reading “Redpolls and Great Northern Diver in the Lido di Venezia”