The usual wonder to visit the lake Cerknica, among ice, woodpeckers and geese (Slovenia)

Are exactly 20 years that I visit regularly, at least once a year, the Cerknica lake (Cerkniško jezero in Slovenian) area and everytime I think: “What a wonderful place, I always discover something new, I always get new fun!”

This time wasn’t different when I visited the lake and the neighboring mountains with a friend of mine, Federico Pino, because I managed to add to my World list of birds the rare and stunning White-backed Woodpecker!

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Yellow-billed Diver and other rare birds along the Gulf of Trieste

Recenly I went twice to the area of the Gulf of Trieste (Friuli-Venezia Giulia) to twitch some rare birds that, earlier than usual, came there at the end of autumn: Yellow-billed Diver (Gavia adamsii), Red-breasted Goose (Branta ruficollis) and Lesser White-fronted Goose (Anser erythropus).

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Autumn in Istria (Croatia)

During the first half of October I visited the peninsula of Istria, in Croatia, leading a Naturetrek group together with the knowledgeable Paul Tout. It was a rather special time to be there, having still the enthomological tail of summer, but also signs of migrations and beginning of winter concerning the birds. Continue reading “Autumn in Istria (Croatia)”

Pelagic birding in the lake of Garda

The lake of Garda (“lago di Garda“) is the largest of Italy and, together with other big lakes at the foothill of Alps, can often offer some interesting observations. Many times the birds move offshore, so can be hard to see them even by telescope: to rent a boat and navigate far from the coasts can be a productive choice to have an idea about what’s happen in the centre of the lake. Continue reading “Pelagic birding in the lake of Garda”

Hard mountain life and wild nature in Ushguli (Georgia)

The village of Ushguli (უშგული in Georgian), in the high Caucasus, is considered  the highest continuously inhabited settlement in Europe, lieing at about 2,100 m of altitude on the foothill of Shkhara (5,201 m), the highest mountain of Georgia. Like other communities of the Svaneti, here as well the most representative arctitectures are the medieval towers that gained to the region the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Continue reading “Hard mountain life and wild nature in Ushguli (Georgia)”

Birdwatching among the towers of Svaneti and the fantastic sceneries of Caucasus (Georgia)

The Georgian historical province of Svaneti, in the heart of Caucasus range, is worldwide known because of its amazing medieval towers, now protected as UNESCO heritages, but hosts also wonderful grounds for birding, with good populations of the most sought-after Caucasian species of birds. Continue reading “Birdwatching among the towers of Svaneti and the fantastic sceneries of Caucasus (Georgia)”

Caucasian birding in Kazbegi (Georgia)

The area of Kazbegi is usually considered the easiest way to visit the Caucasus range and to observe most of the typical Caucasian species, being not far from Tbilisi (about 3 hours of driving). I visited this place for a couple of days at the beginning of September, going birding and enjoying the amazing view of the mount Kazbek (5,047 m), the third highest mountain in Georgia.

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