Green Sea Turtles in Marsa Mubarak (Egypt)

The Marsa Mubarak bay, only 3 km south of Port Ghalib, along the Red Sea coasts, as become famous recently because it’s one of the very few, maybe the only one, regular site of presence of the Dugong (Dugong dugong) in the Marsa Alam area. Continue reading “Green Sea Turtles in Marsa Mubarak (Egypt)”


The wild paradise of Qulaan islands (Egypt)

The arcipelago of Qulaan islands, also known as Hamata arcipelago or “Maldives of Egypt”, is a group of coral islands located along the coast of Red Sea, 110 km south of Marsa Alam and 45 km north of Berenice. Together with stunning white beaches and gorgeous landscapes, it’s a great birdwatching site, with colonies of terns and gulls, but also one of the best place of the Red Sea where go snorkeling or diving. The corals here are particolarly colourful and well preserved, although the marine fauna has suffered the fishing pressure and most of fishes are small or medium sized.

Continue reading “The wild paradise of Qulaan islands (Egypt)”

Wildlife around the Royal Pensee Garden Resort (Egypt)

I spent in the Royal Pensee Garden Resort, 22 km south of El Qoseir (also known as El Quseir or Quseir, القصير‎‎ in arabic) a week. During this time I had the possibility to evaluate rather clearly the “naturalistic potential” of the hotel and the surrounding area, going birding and snorkeling most of the time. Continue reading “Wildlife around the Royal Pensee Garden Resort (Egypt)”