Dragonflies and few migrant birds in Valle Vecchia of Caorle

A couple of days ago I was woken up by the song of a Willow Warbler. Then a small flock of Golden Orioles started to chat as well in the garden: the sky was cloudy, with a rather hazy and humid air. I decided that, with a forecast predicting thunderstorms during the day, it could be a great day to look for migrant birds! Continue reading “Dragonflies and few migrant birds in Valle Vecchia of Caorle”


The Pallid Swifts breeding in Venice centre

Pallid Swift (Apus pallidus) is a rare and localized species in the region of Veneto, with just a couple of colonies in some ancient city centres. Venice is one of them, with a population of maybe a ten of pairs, not far from San Marco square. Continue reading “The Pallid Swifts breeding in Venice centre”

Sea-birds summering off shore from Chioggia and the Po delta

I took part, together with some friends of the “Venezia BW” group (link to their website), to a fishing trip by boat offshore from Chioggia. It has been a great occasion to check what was happening far from the coast, encountering some apparently rare birds and enjoying a productive sea-waching. Continue reading “Sea-birds summering off shore from Chioggia and the Po delta”

Orchids, butterflies and Tree-toed Woodpecker nearby Auronzo di Cadore

Auronzo di Cadore, in the northern part of the Dolomites, is one of the most northern municipalities of Veneto (Belluno province), being on the border with the Val Pusteria (Bolzano province). Even if it lies at an altitude of only 866 m, the habitats around are definitely alpine, with extended woodlands of Spruces, Larches and Dwarf Pines. Continue reading “Orchids, butterflies and Tree-toed Woodpecker nearby Auronzo di Cadore”

2 and half days of birding in the middle of the summer along the Upper Adriatic

The area of High Adriatic, around Venice, offers a lot of different options in order to explore different habitats and see large numbers of birds even in the heart of summer, when birdwatching is usually drammatically slow. Continue reading “2 and half days of birding in the middle of the summer along the Upper Adriatic”

Blooms of orchids on Elba island

Elba is the largest island in the Arcipelago Toscano and lies just 10 km far from the coast of Tuscany. The vicinity with the continent, together with size, influenced its biodiversity making the island the most complex ecosystem of all the arcipelago. Orchids are present with more than 40 species, but they are also particularly threated. Continue reading “Blooms of orchids on Elba island”

Capraia, the island of Corsican Finches

Capraia is one of the remotest of islands of Tyrrhenian Sea. The proximity with Corsica, just 30 km far, has influenced it’s biodiversity, giving to the island a number of interesting specialities that Capraia shares with Sardinia and Corsica. On the other hand, the isolation has made the island an amazing ground for birdwatching during migration times. Continue reading “Capraia, the island of Corsican Finches”