The magic night of Common Toads

I had done some reserches in the past about the herpetological fauna of Parco dello Storga, in the Treviso province, but during those surveys I couldn’t locate many signs of presence of Common Toads (Bufo bufo) in the area: just few single individuals and some tadpoles. Continue reading “The magic night of Common Toads”


Gifts of spring in Parco di S. Giuliano

The Parco di San Giuliano is the largest of Mestre city parks and probably the best spot of the area for birding, being a green oasis, surrounded by urban centers, that faces directly into the Venice lagoon. Often uncommon migrant birds decide to stop here, attracted by reedbeds, ponds and meadows. Continue reading “Gifts of spring in Parco di S. Giuliano”

Looking for Eagle Owl in Veneto region

Eurasian Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) is a rather rare species in Italy and in Veneto as well, with old estimates of about 50 pairs for the region, 30 of which in the Belluno province and 8-12 in Treviso. This January and February I decided to try to look for that species in the valleys of southern Belluno and northern Treviso province. Continue reading “Looking for Eagle Owl in Veneto region”

A couple of hours in the wonderful Po delta

I spent no more than 2 hours in the heart of Delta del Po Veneto (Rovigo province). I can’t define the area a great place for nature photography, but the last afternoon I had there was really something: sunshine, warm tones, amazing subjects made my quick visit an¬†unmissable opportunity.

Continue reading “A couple of hours in the wonderful Po delta”

Redpolls and Great Northern Diver in the Lido di Venezia

The island of Lido di Venezia is usually known because it hosts the “Venice Film Festival“, but can be also a very good place for birdwatching, expecially in winter. It’s is an alogated dike that, together with the island of Pellestrina, separates the Venice lagoon from the Adriatic sea.¬† Continue reading “Redpolls and Great Northern Diver in the Lido di Venezia”

A coffer of rarities: Sacca degli Scardovari

The Po delta is maybe the best birding spot in Italy, but this winter a good number of rare birds decided to center in the area of Sacca degli Scardovari, a vast salt water lagoon in the south of delta (Rovigo) usually known mainly because of widespread mussel farming. Black-shouldered Kite, Short-eared Owl, Turnstone, Black-throated Diver, etc were all reported there. Continue reading “A coffer of rarities: Sacca degli Scardovari”