In the Fagagna wet meadows

North-eastern Italian lowland hosts only a few residual patches of peat bogs and wet meadows: they are some of the remaining fragments of the ancestral Po valley, survived to the spread of agriculture and to the recent aggressive overbuilding. Their ancient origin has allowed some amazing living beings to survive till recent times in these rare and precious micro-habitats.

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A Capercaillie on the Monte Grappa

The Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) is a rare species in Italy, with a distribution that spreads from northern Lombardy to most of the eastern Alps ranges. Even if now completelly protected, it is still decreasing in number, expecially on the southern edge of its distribution, supposely because of climate changes. In this situation can happen that lonely males, without the possibility to find easily a female, loose their fear of humans and get very agressive against almost every creature they meet, becoming truly like mad. Continue reading “A Capercaillie on the Monte Grappa”

Lastovo and its gorgeous lizards

Lastovo, also known in Italian with the ancient name of “Langosta”, is one of the most outer island of Dalmatian arcipelago, in Croatia, and, because of its size and position (about 55 km far from Croatian mainland, but also 110 km far from the Italian coast), it has rather limitated biodiversity, but also some insular specialities: what I’ve found interesting were particularly reptiles, with some gorgeous colourful morphs. Continue reading “Lastovo and its gorgeous lizards”